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The all-in-one client messaging, scheduling, reporting, meeting, file sharing, communication solution you’ve been looking for.

Virtual Communication Hub

eVestech's 100% cloud-based technology creates a centralized hub where you deliver frequent, high-touch service to clients virtually. It aggregates the data and services you and your clients rely on every day.

eVestech Features

Build Strong Virtual Relationships

Meet face-to-face with clients from anywhere with integrated video conferences and video messages. 

Meet More Often

Choose a meeting date, invite attendees, attach files & save a recording. Invites & reminders are sent out automatically.

Send secure, 2-Way Messages

Send and receive client messages securely - no more frustrating encryption and long email threads.

Communicate Across Clients

Send timely communications to one, some, or all clients with a click of a button rather than sending multiple emails.

Manage and Share Documents

Secure client documents and reports in a centralized data vault. Set permissions and make records accessible to individuals or groups.

Provide Current Account Data

Offer investors easy access to their account value and performance with our turnkey solution or through integrations with your performance provider.

Simplify Client Access

Combine investment information from multiple sources in a central location and provide clients a single login point of access.

Measure Client Engagement

Use built-in analytics tools to monitor investors’ interactions and anticipate client questions and concerns 

Record Client Decisions

Capture client feedback and investment program decisions through an easy and engaging ballot.

Promote Compliance Oversight

Facilitate compliance oversight of client communications by easily tracking and downloading all records from the hub.

About Us

"When we founded eCIO, our mission was simple: leverage technology to help nonprofits do more with their investments. Now we offer the same technology to help thousands of advisors better serve their clients with eVestech."

Rob Roquitte, CFA

Frequently Asked Questions

How is eVestech different than a portal?

We're so glad you asked! Our platform is a comprehensive client relations and communication hub. Sure, documents and investment reports can be securely provided to clients on our platform but eVestech's solution offers so much more. It is designed for consultant/client interaction so consultants can provide frequent high touch service. Features including

  • 2-way messaging
  • Flexible communication outreach to target all clients, a specific group or committee or an individual
  • AI bot functionality for routing and addressing service needs
  • Ability to produce and send video reports to clients
  • One-click meeting scheduling
  • Video-enabled client conferencing

Are all in addition to robust document storage.

Does eVestech have access to partners' client data?

No. eVestech cannot access our enterprise partners' client data or communications with clients. A partner must grant eVestech support staff permission in order for us to have access to any partner information.

What ongoing tech support is available?

eVestech support currently consists of a rapid email response to issues and questions. We have a team of full-time technology experts who can be reached via email 24/7, and responses to issues can be expected within 24 hours.

Is there an app available for the platform?

The platform is fully mobile-accessible. A native app is in the works.

How many clients can we have on the platform?

Organizations can add as many clients and offer as many user logins as needed.

How secure is the platform?

Partner data is stored and accessed with the same trusted vendors that banks and government agencies use. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Some of eVestech’s security standards:

  • Utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ​certification which encrypts all browser data
  • Store all data and host all applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Bank-level infrastructure security modeled after Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Remote Data Storage accessed via our S3 encrypted storage buckets or connected to your own S3 bucket
  • Multi-factor authentication or single sign-on services (OKTA) available for your users
  • Secure audit logging to multiple sources for all application activity
  • Enterprise partner permissioning required for eVestech support staff to access client data and communications

Download our white paper to learn more about how eVestech keeps your data secure. Read our Security Commitment to Our Clients.

What customization and integrations are available?

The platform may be white-labeled very easily so it looks and feels to clients like they are on our partner’s own platform. Beyond that, we offer integration with other service providers such as custodians and portfolio reporting systems. Our product and technology team meets with each interested partner to outline the desired customization and features.

What is eVestech's pricing?

Our pricing model is an annual subscription, payable annually or monthly. There may be an additional up-front fee to cover the development costs associated with platform customization and integration.

What is the data limit for file storage?

No limit. We evaluated the needs of various organizations and established an infrastructure capable of securely storing data at scale.

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