eVestech's 100% cloud-based technology creates a centralized hub where you deliver frequent, high-touch service to clients virtually. It aggregates the data and services you and your clients rely on every day.

eVestech Features

Build Strong Virtual Relationships

Meet face-to-face with clients from anywhere with integrated video conferences and video messages. 

Meet More Often

Choose a meeting date, invite attendees, attach files & save a recording. Invites & reminders are sent out automatically.

Send secure, 2-Way Messages

Send and receive client messages securely - no more frustrating encryption and long email threads.

Communicate Across Clients

Send timely communications to one, some, or all clients with a click of a button rather than sending multiple emails.

Manage and Share Documents

Secure client documents and reports in a centralized data vault. Set permissions and make records accessible to individuals or groups.

Provide Current Account Data

Offer investors easy access to their account value and performance with our turnkey solution or through integrations with your performance provider.

Simplify Client Access

Combine investment information from multiple sources in a central location and provide clients a single login point of access.

Measure Client Engagement

Use built-in analytics tools to monitor investors’ interactions and anticipate client questions and concerns 

Record Client Decisions

Capture client feedback and investment program decisions through an easy and engaging ballot.

Promote Compliance Oversight

Facilitate compliance oversight of client communications by easily tracking and downloading all records from the hub.

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