5 Ways to Increase Client Engagement With Videos

Today’s clients expect more on-demand, personalized service from the companies they choose to do business with. Meet your clients where they are, online and deliver a personalized experience they’ll find remarkable.

Demand for video-based content has seen rapid growth for years. It accelerated over the past year and shows no signs of abating.

How Individuals want to learn about a product or service

Research suggests video based content can aid people in understanding products and services. As many as 94% of marketing professionals who evaluated their ROI on video and interactive content marketing reported increased user understanding of their services.

Here are some statistics confirming what most of us already know regarding preference for video content:

  • 78% of people consume video-based content weekly with 55% doing so on a daily basis.¹
  • 54% of consumers prefer video-based content over traditional forms of communication.²
  • 86% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, up from 61% just 5 years ago.³
  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.⁴
  • 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text.⁵
  • 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.⁶
  • Retention is 3-4x higher when people can both see and hear a message compared to viewing content alone.⁷

The Advantages of Video

When compared to the traditional written forms of communication, video-based content has some clear advantages:

Here are 5 ways to use videos to increase client understanding and engagement:

  1. Personalize a Message in a Video Email
    Add a personal touch to traditionally dull emails by sending your clients a video email. Record a short clip like a friendly greeting or a highlight of an important topic and attach the video to your email. Better yet, embed an animated video thumbnail directly in your email.
  2. Improve Delivery of Investment Reports
    Turn the reporting process into relationship building. Record a screen share that walks your clients through their reports, page-by-page, highlighting important sections. Invite your clients to ask questions by email or schedule a time to talk face-to-face.
  3. Create Educational Resources
    Become the preferred source of information and industry expert. Video-based content can be easier to consume than long articles and can be used in many different formats. Educational videos may be shared with clients, sent to prospects, put on your website, and used on social media.
  4. Explain Your Service
    Complement your written brochures and marketing materials by creating a brief 1-2 minute explainer video that provides an overview of your firm, team, and services. Use your explainer video on your website, email signatures, and social network profiles.
  5. Reinforce Your Company’s Brand
    Company culture videos offer prospective clients a brief overview of your company’s ethos and team and can be valuable in building your brand and standing apart from the competition.

Start Leveraging Video-Based Content

Video-based content offers your clients a deeper, more authentic experience that makes your company stand out in an otherwise crowded industry of ho-hum communications. And as more and more clients receive information on mobile devices, videos are great way to reach them. So, take advantage of readily available technology and services to create  memorable communications and stay engaged with your clients.


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