Clearstead Advisors Partners With eCIO to Launch Virtual Client Hub Powered by eVestech

eVestech is proud to announce our newest partnership with Clearstead Advisors!

In recognition of significant changes in how their clients want to receive information from and interact with their advisors, Clearstead will utilize eVestech to enhance client reporting, communication, and education. eVestech will become the central hub for clients to access performance reports, investment committee and board deliverables, and proprietary investment research.

Read Clearstead Advisors' press release about our newly formed partnership below.


Dave Fulton, Chief Executive and Chairman
11/01/2022 Clearstead Advisors, LLC. 
(216) 621–1090 

Investing in Clients: Clearstead Advisors, LLC to Launch Virtual Client Hub with  eVestech 

Cleveland OH: On November 1, 2022, Clearstead Advisors, LLC, an institutional investment  consulting and private wealth management firm announced a partnership with eCIO, Inc., a  registered investment advisory firm based in Madison, WI, to use its eVestech platform as a  centralized communications hub for institutional clients.  

eVestech was initially developed by eCIO for use by its own RIA to conduct virtual quarterly  investment committee meetings, report on performance and investment program  progress, and post important fiduciary documents and records. eCIO now offers the  platform as an enterprise SaaS solution for consultants, advisors, and family offices.  

Clearstead will utilize eVestech to enhance client reporting, communication, and education.  It will become the central hub for clients to access performance reports, investment  committee and board deliverables, and Clearstead investment research.  

Clearstead will leverage the portal for timely communication of market trends and portfolio  commentary to both traditional consulting and OCIO clients. The hard copy reports and  deliverables will be augmented with video content from Clearstead professionals  customized to each unique institutional investment committee. This content will be a supplement to and not a replacement for the meetings Clearstead holds with institutional  clients.  

“eVestech represents a natural progression for how the industry will communicate with  and advise institutions. Clearstead will always prefer, and be committed to, in-person  meetings with investment committees, but investment committee attitudes and  preferences regarding the frequency of in-person meetings has changed since the COVID 19 pandemic” says Mike Shebak, Head of Institutional Consulting and Senior Managing  Director at Clearstead. He adds, “Virtual interaction and digital content consumption have  become more common place and acceptable. Clients expect their OCIO to succinctly  communicate market views, portfolio updates, and ensure fiduciaries maintain context and  familiarity with their institution’s portfolio. Our partnership with eCIO will allow us to keep  pace with the evolving preferences in the institutional marketplace.”  

“eCIO is pleased to partner with Clearstead to provide the latest investment technology and  support their commitment to outstanding client service,” says Rob Roquitte, CEO at eCIO. 

“The pandemic sharply accelerated digital adoption and as the industry-leading  communication platform, eVestech enables Clearstead to drive stronger client engagement  across all communication channels. It is a clear indication of the importance Clearstead  places on its client relationships and its commitment to innovation,” said Roquitte. 

Clearstead will roll-out eVestech to a small number of beta clients in January 2023, before  being offered to all Clearstead’s institutional clients, and some of the firm’s private clients,  throughout the year.  

About Clearstead: Clearstead is an institutional investment consulting and private wealth  management firm, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH with  approximately $31.5 billion in assets under advisement (AUA) as of 12/31/2021. With 130  employees, the firm tackles complex investment, financial, tax and governance needs for  institutional and private clients. 

About eCIO: With decades of experience in the investment management and financial  technology industries, eCIO’s team founded the firm to more efficiently deliver investment  solutions to institutional investors. They built eVestech to be the centralized communication hub between investment advisors and their clients. Today, the eVestech  platform drives connections between thousands of investors and their advisors.  



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