eVestech Now Includes Performance Reporting

eVestech, The Virtual Communication Hub for Financial Advisors, now offers a modernized approach to client performance reporting.

Through an integration with partner Bridge, eVestech’s advisors can provide their clients with customized performance reporting and a user-friendly account dashboard.

Adding a comprehensive investment dashboard to the advisor’s white-labeled hub allows each client on-demand access to their current account information and customized performance reporting. It also includes the advisor’s commentary, investment reports and market updates and makes it easy for the advisor and client to message back and forth - all in one centralized place. The eVestech platform leapfrogs the typical investor portal and enables financial professionals to engage with their clients personally. Interactions between the advisor and his client about account performance, recent trades, and asset allocation updates are easy, drive better client engagement, and help deliver better investment outcomes.

Through video technology, advisors can easily record an account review for a client, driving more efficient, timely and engaging client service. 

The eVestech platform supports service to over 1,600 investors. Through integrations with custodians, performance  reporting providers and other technologies, an advisor can simplify the delivery of information to clients and stay at  the center of all aspects of his clients’ investment programs. 

About Bridge

Bridge is a financial technology company with an operating history of over 15 years. We believe that everyone should have access to a fiduciary advisor, and over the last 3 years we rebuilt our tech from the ground up with precisely that advisor in mind. Our software focuses on automating necessary but time consuming work for advisors, from data and portfolio management to client report delivery. This in turn allows the advisors we work with to scale faster, serve more clients, and run more efficient businesses.

Learn more about Bridge on their website: https://www.bridgeft.com/

About eVestech 

eVestech was built by eCIO. Launched in late 2019, eCIO started as an RIA dedicated to bringing institutional-quality, low-cost investment solutions to the underserved small nonprofit market. Through our revolutionary eVestech platform, we provide virtual, customized, high touch client service to the dozens of investment committees we serve. Other investment firms asked to license our platform so we now offer eVestech as a white-labeled client reporting and communication hub to consultants and advisors for a monthly subscription fee. It’s a platform for advisors built by advisors to help grow and  scale their business through high touch, efficient client engagement.


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