How to Future-Proof your RIA's Tech Stack

Congratulations on your decision to be an independent advisor! One of the first things you’ll want to get right is building a tech stack that does what you need today and that can easily scale as your firm grows.

Will Your Tech Stack Get Along With Other Providers?

A key consideration should be your tech stack’s ability to integrate with multiple vendors. As your client base grows, so does the demand for better, more integrated solutions. One of the last things any RIA wants to do is put their clients through the rigor of remembering yet another set of usernames and passwords or worse, having to learn a completely new client interface.

To be a truly independent advisor, you should have the freedom to choose the technology and services best for you and your clients. Having a tech stack that is too dependent on any single vendor may lock you into a narrow set of options. So consider building a tech stack that will allow you to swap out vendors while not disturbing your clients.

This article provides a first hand account of how to build a scalable, future-proof tech stack that will serve you and your clients for years to come.

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