Is Your CX a Focus? It Better Be.

As your clients' preference for virtual, on-demand services continue to shift from in-person meetings to laptops and phones across the nation, so does the importance of providing an investor-centric digital client experience (CX).

Today's investors demand more than pre-pandemic, traditional modes of service. Finding a firm that suits them better is only a Google search away.

An article published by highlights 3 insights into upgrading your CX:

  1. Differentiation
    It’s important to differentiate your firm in an environment when it’s as hard as ever to get clients’ attention.  You must make it easy to get in front of clients and convey a sharp, compelling message. Video is a great way to do this.
  2. Specialization
    Focus the majority of your time on personal engagement where an advisor’s time has the greatest impact. Efficiently delivering education, value-add perspectives, and personalized insights is key. 
  3. Digitalization
    Leverage the power of virtualization to handle the day-to-day tasks of managing your clients so you can spend in-person time on relationship building.

Read the full article here:

There is likely to be a big divide between RIAs that embrace a focus on CX and those that try to keep doing things the old way. For forward-thinking financial professionals, putting effort into improving your client experience could pay big dividends as other firms flounder to figure out the next steps.

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